Chinese Elm Ulmus Parviflora Root Over Rock Style in 7 inch Ceramic Pot

Chinese Elm Ulmus Parviflora Root Over Rock Style in 7 inch Ceramic Pot

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Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree(Ulmus Parviflora) Root Over Rock Style in 7" Ceramic Pot

Trunk styled in an informal upright style trained root over rock style which gives a very mature aged look to this impressive bonsai specimen.  

Great indoor or out door bonsai tree good especially for beginners. The root over rock style gives the tree more vigor and easier to correctly water.   Premium lava rock soil is a great medium for this tree as it drains well but is porous and holds water well.  Slow release bonsai fertilizer is included and is good for at least 6 months. Inside of a 7" Ceramic Bonsai pot with drainage holes. The roots clinging to the rock give a unique mature style which is respected by bonsai enthusiasts.  

No returns but if the tree is damaged on arrival we will replace tree or pot what  ever is broken we will replace just send us pictures of damaged or Injured tree.

Our packing method is proven through years of shipping all sizes and shapes of Bonsai Trees.  This is a proprietary method that has been developed through trial and error and has finally reached a point where I am comfortable to say that 99.99% of our orders arrive in perfect condition.  

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